Nannette de Gaspé In The News Nannette de Gaspé In The News

The Canadian Skin Phenomenon

“I removed the mask feeling doubtful—only to find that eyes looked remarkable well rested and my skin felt insanely soft"

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Dry Face Masks Aren’t
Just a Marketing Gimmick

“After fifteen minutes of wear (during which we were sure absolutely nothing was happening) our skin was noticeably softer and glowy."

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You’ve Never Seen
Sheet Masks Like Theses

“Each mask contains 87 percent active ingredients, including brightening tetrapeptides and wrinkle-fighting marine extracts, dry-printed onto a super-lightweight "techstile" fabric sourced from Japan."

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Harper’s Bazaar

Sheet Masks: Worth the Hype?

“Best for lines and wrinkle"

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Silent Treatment

“Nannette de Gaspé Beaubien, the Canadian private equity executive-turned-cosmetics entrepreneur has launched a namesake collection of high-tech face and body masks"

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Vogue UK

Material Advances

“Nannette de Gaspé’s dry-touch face masks feel revolutionary"

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Sunday Times Style

Inspired by and made for women

“Traditional masks are on average 85% water and glycerine, but these dry-to-touch masks are 87% active ingredients and emollients, which a biometric system delivers deep into the epidermis.”

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Daily Mail

Rethink face masks with our revolutionary dry-to-the-touch masque

“It's rare in the beauty industry to come across something that's unlike anything you've ever seen before, but this (Nanette de Gaspé Youth Revealed Masque) is such a find.”

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ES Magazine

A revolutionary
anti-aging delivery system

“Say hello to the future of face masks."

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